What does your company need to promote its brand?
Just one thing, your company.
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Do you know the 6 degrees of separation theory?
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When everyone is talking, nobody can hear you.

Social networks are not able to bring out your content among others.​

Advocatively amplifies your voice.

Make your message stand out by counting on the resources you already own.

How it works

Employee advocacy

When your employees talk about their company on social networks, the web reputation grows exponentially thus increasing the number of followers and interactions on the network.

Employee engagement

Employees who feel part of the brand are the first willing to promote their company: involving your team in corporate communications is the first step for your business to stand out on the web and to create new opportunities.

Internal communication

Advocatively will provide you with a tool that allows you to be side by side with your employees thanks to their smarthphones.

Engage your team, increase shares and let your business grow.


Through a sophisticated report and analysis system you can monitor and view the entire process of creating and validating messages, the results obtained from employees shares and all statistical data, at any time. At the end you can also reward them.

What are the benefits of using Advocatively?

Internal communication

Improve communication with your employees.

Company news

Tell everything happening in your company real time.

Social promotion

Promote your brand through the web.

Acquiring new customers

Let grow your business by creating new opportunities.

Acquiring new talents

Find out influencers among your employees.

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Web Dashboard

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